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    IMAGINE THAT YOU HAVE FOUND exactly the right person to help you develop your own personalized trading system. Feel your optimism grow knowing the daunting aspects are handled by a plain speaking, friendly professional with more than 25 years of financial, trading and computer experience.

     read below the details of how we help you with ... 

    • Auto trader strategy design, profitability improvement, coding tips, or coaching
    • Indicator design and construction
    • Back testing tools and paper trading time savers
    • Conversion of indicators from other platforms
    • Strategy design coaching and profitability improvement. Remove your frustration in trying to develop your own trading system. Your first step is to Call Now to get an hour of our confidential, one on one trading system coaching.
      Boost your confidence in this hour as we help you refine your auto trading strategy profit potential by suggesting improvements to your algorithm or trading rule set. Immediate money back, no questions asked, guarantee if the hour is not useful. We can't guarantee winners, of course, but we can help you avoid dead ends that waste your drudge time.

    • Indicator and strategy design and construction. You have trades to make. You're not a programmer. You don't need to be, because we are. Talk to us in plain language about what price patterns you want recognized .
      We will design and implement the best code and on-screen presentation format. Our services are very customized so we can not take on every project. Call now to request a quote.

    • Back Testing Aids. Are you trying to decide to invest in having an auto-trader or strategy programmed but don't know if your idea is good enough to warrant the cost? Our back testing tool, System Sleuth, saves you countless frustrating hours of manually "paper trading" your trading ideas without having to pay the cost of a complete coded strategy.
      Its simplified on-the-chart setup lets you mark your trial entries and exits as arrows you place on the screen. Using the arrows you placed, System Sleuth then calculates the profit results from your trial arrows across the entire chart.for all marked trades. It shows you the profit results instantly. Click here to learn more about this exciting, time saving, profit finding NinjaTrader tool.

    • Conversions. Conversion of your favorite indicators from TradeStation EasyLanguage (or any other major trading platform or language) can be daunting; apparently simple tasks in one system may not be obvious in the other. Call now to request a quote.

    • Integrating indicators. With more than 25 years trading experience, we know the kinds of price action traders need to see. We will help you to consolidate your multiple indicators into fewer better ones. Think of it as building a flight-deck or a dashboard for the important data which drives your trading, there to help you visually appraise your next best market action more efficiently than you can now. And that cuts down those cockpit errors.

    • User interface design. Have you ever felt your trading screens are too visually complex to assimilate as fast as you truly need when market action is hectic? Whether you are an individual trader or someone selling trader tools, we help you rethink screens—the message, the organization, the layout and even the color schemes to best portray your indicator’s magic moments. Our counsel in visual design matters has been sought by TiVo, Philips, IBM, Microsoft, Macromedia and other forward-looking companies, and perhaps by you!

     P.S. Did you read item #1 where you can Call Now to get one on one help?


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      Risk Disclosure: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.     



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